Backup your machine

Your Hard Drive will fail, even the SSD as for a time frame anything from the warranty of the machine to 10 years later. I personally have hard drives which have been working now coming on to 12 years. (I hope I have not jinxed that) With that vital piece of information you should be looking at how you backup your computer whether its a laptop or a iPad. Now we break down what are the options.

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Virus software

I am afraid gone are the days when Macs seemed to be impervious to virus. In the past 4 months I have seen a influx of malware, adware and spyware virus’s which have compromised a number of client machines both business and home users. People have been drawn into installing software programs such as Mackeeper to help improve the performance of their machine and identify “problems” within the machine before it affects the work flow of the end user. The really annoying thing about these programs is the easy that they are available while surfing the net. Continue reading “Virus software”