How to Clone a hard drive using Super Duper

Much like my video n Carbon Copy Cloner this is a similar video on how to clone a hard drive boot OS to another drive using a software called Super Duper. The advantage with this one is you don’t have a limited time i.e 30 days trial period. You can buy the full version but if you just want to use a software which clones a drive then Super Duper is a good option.
Super duper website:

Formatting issues with USB Drives and a work around on a Mac

This is a quick video to help you with a work around if you encounter the dreaded ! mark in red when you try and format a USB pen stick. Here we see two different operating systems running the two different versions of disk utilities feature for this task. First we will see the option on macOS Sierra then we go to Yosemite to finish of who to resolve the issue with a USB drive not erasing or formatting correctly in disk utilities on a mac.

How to boot to a different Operating System on a Mac using Startup Disk

Here we have a iMac setup with 4 Operating Systems using the Partition option in Disk Utility. This video shows you how to use the Startup Disc function inside system preferences to boot to the respective operating system you require. If your wondering why your machine seems to take ages too boot just check that the operating system you require is highlighted in the Startup disk and then reboot.


How to make a Bootable External Hard drive for a Mac with multiple Operating Systems

This is a quick video on how to create a bootable hard drive and install 3 Operating Systems. For this video we are going to install 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 macOS Sierra. You must create a bootable USB of each of the Operating system before you reboot the machine to run the installer. Here is a link to the website to help you do this. you have created your USB Bootable OSX drive reboot the machine you will use to install the OS to the external drive. YOU MUST PRESS THE ALT KEY ON THE REBOOT. This will open up the bootable options for the machine. Select the USB bootable installer you created and run through the installer selecting the Ext hard drive for that OSX as seen in the early part of this video i.e Yosemite 1010. Once the OSX is installed create use for the new OSX you just installed on that drive and run the updates. Repeat the process for all other OSX you want to install.
Remember only certain machines will boot certain OSX systems. In short anything under 2010 will not install macOS Sierra (there are a few exceptions)
Here is the video on how to create a USB installer: