Apple Care is it worth it


As you are aware your Apple product gets parts and labour for 12 months when you buy a new product from Apple. The issue is do you go for the Apple Care to cover the machine for an additional 2 years giving you a total of 3 years warranty or risk that the machine will not go wrong for the life of the machine. You have to also consider what does Apple Care cover you. In short all hardware that is not damaged along with some software glitches you might encounter. I have encountered loads of software issues with machines under Apple Care that are not covered. However I don’t look at the software as part of my Apple Care I look at if my machine logic board or graphic card fails 15 months down the line on when I purchased it I would expect my machine to be fixed free of charge. One logic board replacement pays for the Apple Care. If you open up the new macbook 2015 there is only 1 main part which would work out as a very expensive repair outside of Apple Care so in my view it worth investing buying Apple Care. Remember you get 12 months from the day you purchase to decide to buy Apple Care, just don’t forget to buy it before your 12 months is up.