Magic Mouse 2 and Magic keyboard

The Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 have been out since Oct 2015 replacing the similar designed mouse and a more flatter triangle shaped design keyboard with a rechargeable battery instead of the AA batteries. In theory gone now are the days of having a issue with a keyboard or mouse losing connection to the mac. Now you just plug in the lighting cable and away you go, well the keyboard anyhow, the mouse is a bit difficult to work with while its plugged in for regarding. Continue reading “Magic Mouse 2 and Magic keyboard”

Laptop or Desktop

If you are looking to buy a new Mac and and wondering wether to go for a laptop or desktop there are few questions which you need to ask to help you decide which one.



Do you work solely from a desk/ office or do you require a mac that is mobile.  The second question is performance.  If your not that bothered about performance then a laptop might be the better option, giving your the flexibly of working from a desk or not.   The final question would be your budget?  If you are on a budget and your concerned about performance then you might want to consider a desktop machine.

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Add WPS Printer to Airport Extreme

Adding a Wi-Fi printer to a network using the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup Method) feature on your Broadband Router is, well straightforward.  Press the button on the WPS on the router and then press the Wi Fi button on the Printer.   The machines talk to each other and less than a minute the printer is now on the network.
The Question I have is how do you do that if your Router is a Airport Extreme, there is no fancy button for WPS on the Apple Device what do you do.  The process is rather simple but before we go into that I would have to ask one question.

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Command Line to Create USB OSX Stick

As many people are aware creating a USB installer for OSX is ideal for any IT Engineer.  I have spent many hours searching for the terminal command to create a USB Bootable memory stick.

To simplify I am assuming you know what terminal is,you have a USB stick (8GB or more), have formatted it to untiled in disk utility and finally downloaded the latest version of the Mac OS you want an installer for.  All you need is the terminal command to run the installer to create the USB Installer.

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Virus software

I am afraid gone are the days when Macs seemed to be impervious to virus. In the past 4 months I have seen a influx of malware, adware and spyware virus’s which have compromised a number of client machines both business and home users. People have been drawn into installing software programs such as Mackeeper to help improve the performance of their machine and identify “problems” within the machine before it affects the work flow of the end user. The really annoying thing about these programs is the easy that they are available while surfing the net. Continue reading “Virus software”