Magic Mouse 2 and Magic keyboard

The Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 have been out since Oct 2015 replacing the similar designed mouse and a more flatter triangle shaped design keyboard with a rechargeable battery instead of the AA batteries. In theory gone now are the days of having a issue with a keyboard or mouse losing connection to the mac. Now you just plug in the lighting cable and away you go, well the keyboard anyhow, the mouse is a bit difficult to work with while its plugged in for regarding. The mouse design is identical apart from the charging port (lighting connector) underneath for the magic mouse 2 (not a great idea). The keyboard like I said is flatter keyboard with the charging port at the back of the keyboard (ideal and works fine). Apple say 2 hours of charge will get unto 2 months worth of work out of the devi
ce which is not bad, you just need to manage your charging routine for the mouse because you cannot use the mouse while it is charging (see feature image at the top of this post to see why).

Since its release I have found the tech calls we use to have all the time with keyboards or mouse disconnecting from the Mac had diminished. I assume its due to the reliability of the rechargeable device compared to its predecessor relying on AA batteries which are always the top end products. The other advantage is no more battery swelling on the keyboard which always ending in throwing the keyboard away and buy a new one.

The major disadvantage for the magic mouse 2 and magic keyboard would be that it only working on El Capitan (10.11) and above. A number of clients have contacted me asking for the old Magic Mouse and the Apple Wireless Keyboard due to their design studios suite having a wide range of old OS which are not running El Capitan. The issue there is Apple no longer make them so their only choice is to look out for second hand kit on ebay or not use the Apple products and buy a third party piece of kit.