Magic Mouse 2 and Magic keyboard

The Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 have been out since Oct 2015 replacing the similar designed mouse and a more flatter triangle shaped design keyboard with a rechargeable battery instead of the AA batteries. In theory gone now are the days of having a issue with a keyboard or mouse losing connection to the mac. Now you just plug in the lighting cable and away you go, well the keyboard anyhow, the mouse is a bit difficult to work with while its plugged in for regarding. Continue reading “Magic Mouse 2 and Magic keyboard”

Laptop or Desktop

If you are looking to buy a new Mac and and wondering wether to go for a laptop or desktop there are few questions which you need to ask to help you decide which one.



Do you work solely from a desk/ office or do you require a mac that is mobile.  The second question is performance.  If your not that bothered about performance then a laptop might be the better option, giving your the flexibly of working from a desk or not.   The final question would be your budget?  If you are on a budget and your concerned about performance then you might want to consider a desktop machine.

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