Silverlight do I Still Need it?

Interesting question really does anything Mac based run silverlight? The Answer is well not a lot. However after updated Safari to version 10 its now come apparent that one programme does use it. I don’t know why but its Sky Go… Figure that one. Well after a number of clients had installed safari 10 this week they all encountered a similar problem…. Silverlight does not work on Safari 10. I ran a few remote jobs and found the short term fix is to install Firefox, Thats Firefox NOT GOOGLE CHROME.. Google Chrome does not work well on a Mac as I have already written a article about the issues using google chrome on a mac. Anyhow installing firefox with silverlight cures the issue so you can watch Sky Go on the internet. As for a fix on the safari issue either Sky, Apple or Microsoft will fix it when they feel like it.

Hope this is of some help.