SuperSafe Boost Anti Virus Software

Just had a machine in with major issues with un-responsible software after further investigation the machine had major issues with running as a desktop machine. It did get tot he stage that the machine was going to be wiped and restored from backup however after uninstalling superSafe Boost and cleaning out the legacy files the machine did come back to life. The machine was 2012 machine so it should not have been tacking on 10.10 and above. I looked in software program which is offered by Talk Talk for £2 per month however some say it is now free from Talk Talk to all its customer base. The big alarm bell for me is when a software program says the word “Boost” something is up. If you want to make your machine faster and its 2012 or below machine apart from inserting the SSD and max out the ram the machine there is very little you can do. Any machine dated 2013 and beyond should be on 10.12 Mac OS which optimises brilliantly and works seamless compared to other OS versions.

As for Supersafe Boost Anti Virus programme I would look at the other free anti Virus programs like AVG which we have been running here for ages with no issues.

Here are a few articles I found on the program. Long and short is you don’t need to use it as a Mac user there are other programs out there which will work better that Supersafe boost from Talk Talk.