Email which one ?

What Email app do you use on your mac?

I currently use Apple Mail, I have always used Apple Mail since I moved away from Microsoft Exchange back in 2007. I have tried out thunderbird both for windows and mac and have found it a great program. It works and the latest version looks great (mac version) The windows version (windows 8.1) is nice but there is something about thunderbird for mac which looks rather nice compared with windows. On their website they are advertising 10 years of thunderbird. So you are looking at a programme that has got 10 years of updates working with both POP3 and IMAP technologies from its infancy to where we are now.

Outlook I know… what is it all about. Still its a vast improvement on entourage which was a disaster. Since apple mail now works with exchange it allowed us the flexibility to use between apple mail and outlook. I have found that the backup system within outlook to be very flakey along with its poor cross platform ability to open a email you have dragged to the desktop in outlook and attempted to open it up in say apple mail. Microsoft have clearly made the coding so annoying if you have been tied into outlook for a while or moved to outlook from entourage to move away to apple mail or any free mail software program like thunderbird or Opera mail to name a few you will be forever going back into outlook to get data transferred across. I recently moved my “funny” emails from hotmail using outlook on a windows machine to my own mail account and found it rather painful and slow to migrate across. No doubt there are programmes out there that will do it for a fee however moving the mail between mail boxes within outlook was dreadful. In short if you are not using exchange I would stay clear of outlook on Mac. Stick to apple mail or use a third party software like thunderbird.