tuneupmymac nightmare!

What to do if you install tuneupmymac and how to uninstall it?

OK so I was on download.com today and a piece of software decided to download itself to my downloads folder.  The programme was automatically  downloaded as a little extra piece of software from my original programme I downloaded.  The program was called “tuneupmymac”.  This programme is another one of those call called pieces of software that will “fix” your mac mac it go faster etc etc.  Well thats what is says on the tin, so it must be true? Mustn’t it?

Well no its like mac keeper or Genieo (click here for my article on that) its a very nice piece of malware which will drive you crazy with its redirecting your web searches or telling you there is an issue with the computer and you need to spend loads of money to get the machine fixed if you phone this number etc etc… you get the point.  In short do not fall for the scam and do not install it.  It is rather tricky to uninstall much like Genieo is.  Here is the link from an Apple support page for uninstalling tuneupmymac.

I ran a test on a test machine and it allowed me to install it even though I had a anti virus on the machine typical does not always protect you.  Long and short of it the best way I found was try the link above to uninstall tuneupmymac, if that does not work then look at the manual option:

  • Go to System Preference > Accounts > Login Items tab. Click the item and then the minus sign at the bottom.
  • Move the Application/TuneUpMyMac to the trash
  • Then reboot to see if it now has stopped it on a login.
  • Finally delete the application from the trash and i would run a deep scan of your anti virus.  The best one I use is mailwarebytes  use to be call adware medic.  I wrote about this a few years ago.  Click here for article.

Thats it it should clean up the Mac and everything should be back to normal.  My fine bit of advice is if its not downloadable from the app store then google it to see what others are saying before you install anything on your mac, oh and always have two things 1, a time machine backup 2, an antivirus software for your Mac.